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Professional Development and ePDC Information

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Improve the use of progress monitoring and data review to inform instruction.

Goal A3 Objectives:


A) Address and improve the use of student achievement data (progress monitoring, Response to Intervention) to impact instruction.


Maximize the implementation of standards-based instruction to improve student achievement.

Goal A4 Objectives:


A) Train and support teachers in the implementation of standards-based instruction.





Employ, retain, and train highly qualified, effective and accountable personnel.

Goal B1 Objectives:


A) Maintain current and effective evaluation systems for teachers and leaders.

B) Maintain/Expand Level 1 Leadership and Level II Principal Certification programs.

C) Implement SKYWARD “onboarding” software for applications and forms.

D) Create and implement a “Grow Your Own” teacher recruitment program.

E) Provide training to support staff in meeting the needs of students.


Implement a system to encourage and support professional collaboration among teachers and leaders.

Goal B2 Objectives:


A) Implement guidelines and procedures to support and encourage collaborative learning.

Wakulla County Schools contracts with the Panhandle Area Education Consortium (PAEC) for preparation and maintenance of its state-approved Master Inservice Plan.  Members of the PAEC Professional Development Council, which includes representatives from each member district, meet quarterly to discuss needs and determine financially responsible ways to meet those needs in each district.  The Master Inservice Plan is updated annually and used as a foundational part for each district’s Professional Development System.


The Wakulla County School District Professional Development system is designed around the four areas of the Florida Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol – Planning, Learning, Implementing, and Evaluating. 

View the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC) Master In-Service Plan

Staff Accountability Issues

Staff Accountability Issues

In accordance with the new Master Inservice Plan and Staff Development Protocol the following practices and responsibilities are specified.

    I understand that:

  • in order to receive staff development pay I must register and satisfactorily complete the follow-up for the staff development activity;
  • staff development activities that I attend during the course of my normal work day require the completion of any applicable follow-up activity;
  • I will not be reimbursed for or receive inservice credit for staff development activities for which I do not obtain prior approval from my administrator;
  • the monitoring of my staff development transcript is a part of my professional responsibility. I should report any problems or discrepancies in a timely manner;
  • if I allow the allotted time to pass without satisfactorily completing the required follow-up I will NOT receive any inservice points for the activity;
  • failure to complete required follow-ups can affect my future eligibility for staff development activities and may be reflected in my evaluation.
  • in order to receive inservice credit for a conference or staff development that I attend I must attend the ENTIRE activity. Partial credit will NOT be awarded.
  • absence from more than 10% of an activity will result in no credit for the activity.

Administrator Responsibilities

Administrator Responsibilities
  • Make sure that all planned staff development activities for your staff are entered into the ePDC.
  • Double-check to assure that information is correct.
  • Print attendance sheets from the ePDC to determine who has registered for the course. Report any problems to the staff development coordinator.
  • Respond to all follow-ups within two weeks of receipt.
  • Review staff transcripts to determine behaviors and activities to observe in teacher classrooms.
  • Assist staff in attending inservice activities that relate to professional development goals and school improvement goals.
  • Review staff transcripts to assure that staff members are completing follow up activities.
  • Hold staff accountable for instruction received in staff development activities.
  • Do not turn in a request for inservice pay for someone who has not registered for the activity.
  • Share the Staff Accountability Issues (see below) with your staff annually.

Teacher/Staff Responsibilities

Teacher/Staff Responsibilities
  • Obtain supervisor approval for all staff development activities BEFORE committing to attend the activity. This includes courses that are offered through PAEC and already listed in the ePDC.
  • Register for all staff development activities that you attend.
  • Complete follow-up requirements for all staff development activities that you attend.
  • Check to make sure that follow-up is approved.
  • Provide information to supervisor on out of district activities that need to be entered into the ePDC BEFORE attending the activity.
  • Check transcript regularly to make sure that it accurately reflects staff development activities.
  • Report any errors on transcript to staff development coordinator.
  • Check certificate page regularly to make sure that it accurately reflects certificate information.
  • Check your email regularly.
  • If you are unable to attend an activity for which you have registered, contact your administrator so that it can be removed from your transcript.


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