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Dear National Board Teachers,
Johnny Carson once remarked, "It seems to me that we are all in the same boat as Christopher Columbus, when he discovered America. When he started out, he didn't know where he was going. When he got here, he didn't know where he was, and when he got back home, he didn't know where he had been."
It is easy to feel that we are lost in this world. The rapid pace of technological changes, the number of people moving in this area, and the general complications of life make it difficult to feel that we are being successful. One way that we can make life better is to become a mentor. A mentor is someone who takes another person under their wings and helps them in navigating the tough waters of work and life. The dictionary defines a mentor as someone who is a wise and trusted counselor and teacher.
Below is a list of attributes that mentors provide to others:

  1. Faithfulness: By choosing to cheerfully share your time and energy with another, you will teach him/her that people are more important than projects.
  2. Affirmation: By accepting someone for who they are rather than for who you think they should be, you will teach him/her that acceptance is a great leadership trait.
  3. Patience: By sticking with them when they make a mistake, you will teach them that a mistake is a bridge to learning rather than a road to failure.
  4. Encouragement: By handing out some congratulations when they do a job right, you will teach them that appreciation is an important incentive to reaching goals.
  5. Openness: By being honest about your strengths and weaknesses, you will teach someone that learning to be comfortable with yourself makes you more effective with others.

Chances are you are successful in your job because someone took you under their wing. Now is an opportunity for you to do the same thing for someone else. You not only will be helping a fellow teacher/employee, I guarantee it will make you more valuable to your school and to the school district.

Karen J. Wells 
Chief Human Capital Officer

List of National Board Certified Teachers

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Kim Bartnick Crawfordville Elementary 2016
Savannah Boege Riversprings Middle 2016
Beth Brown Medart Elementary 2010
Cassandra Burnham Riversink Elementary  2017
Cindy Burse Wakulla Middle School 2013
Margaret Callaghan  Riversink Elementary 2011
Becky Carlan Wakulla High 2018
Megan Crombie Riversink Elementary 2010
Bobbie Dotson Riversink Elementary 2018
Brian Dow Riversprings Middle 2018
Diane Driggers Riversink Elementary 2011
Angie Gentry Wakulla Middle School 2010
Lucille Graham Wakulla Middle School 2010
Holly Harden Crawfordville Elementary 2013
Laura Hudson Wakulla Middle School 2015
Michelle Hunter Shadeville Elementary  2017
Sue Hutchins Wakulla Middle School 2015
Rene Kelly Crawfordville Elementary 2012
Ann Kennedy Wakulla High School 2011
Tammi Light Shadeville Elementary 2018
Tina Martindale Shadeville Elementary 2018
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Karen Sanders Wakulla Middle School 2017
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Bill Taylor Riversprings Middle  2015
Melisa Taylor Wakulla High School 2014
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Ginger Tillman Medart Elementary 2012
Cassie Tucker Wakulla High School 2015
Janie Tucker Pre-K 2013
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