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Employee Protection Information and  Wrongdoing Reporting Procedures

Instructions for Using the Employee Protection Line (Toll-Free)

  1. Prepare what you want to say. 
  2. Have your organization's Employee Protection Line organization code close at hand.  Your organization's Employee Protection Line Organization code is 30089.
  3. Using a touch-tone phone, dial (800) 576-5262  and listen to the message. 
  4. You will be instructed to enter your organization's Employee Protection Line Code.  Enter your organization code when cued.
  5. You will be required to give your organization's name (and location, if applicable), but you may leave a message without giving your name or identifying yourself in any way.
  6. You will have five minutes to speak. If you need more time, call back.
  7. Your message will be recorded for accuracy, but the recording will remain in the custody of the third party.  Your report will be reviewed for potential conflicts and then a written transcript of your report will be sent to a team of neutral employees in your organization that have been chosen to receive these reports.  The third party will not knowingly send your report to anyone named in the report.