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Employee Benefits

Please click on the benefit area for more information. If you have any questions about employee benefits please contact Human Resources or Finance at 850-926-0065

Health, Life & Dental Benefits Information

Internal Revenue Service Code Requirements for Pre-Taxed Insurance Deductions

If you are enrolled in any PRE-TAXED payroll insurance deduction, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CANCEL OR CHANGE THE DEDUCTION during the plan year, unless they meet one of the following qualifications and inform the Payroll Department within 30 days of the qualification:

marriage or divorce, the death of your spouse or a dependent, the birth or adoption of one of your children, the termination or commencement of the employment of your spouse, a change in your or your spouse's employment status from part-time to full-time, or vice-versa, the taking of an unpaid leave of absence by yourself or your spouse, a significant increase in the cost of coverage, or a significant change in health coverage of employee or spouse attributable to spouse's employment

Direct Deposit and Twelve (12) Check Proration

All employees will receive pay through direct deposit as a condition of employment.  The Direct Deposit Agreement form is available at WCSB Forms on the left, the Payroll Department and at each school center. Please remember a VOIDED check MUST accompany the Direct Deposit Agreement or it will not be processed. A test run is required before your funds will be direct deposited.  This may take several payroll periods before the process is complete.  Please check each payroll for verification that your check was direct deposited . 

All bank changes must be in writing.  If your bank account is closed after Payroll has processed pay checks, it will take 3 to 5 business days for the funds to be returned to the School Board account and a check to be issued to you.  Please make all changes by the date listed in the "Due in County Office" section of the Payroll Reporting Salary Schedule for that particular pay check date. 


Salaried employees who work 9 or  9 ½  months may request, BEFORE THEIR FIRST DAY OF WORK, that their annual salary be divided into twelve (12) equal payments (hourly employees are NOT ELIGIBLE).  This request continues from year-to-year and CAN NOT be terminated within a school year once the employee has started working.  If an employee takes an unpaid leave of absence, they will receive all salary owed in their last pay check.  Upon their return to work, they must continue their 12 check status for the remainder of the school year.   
The two (2) "summer checks" do not contain salary supplements that may have been received during the School Year.  Additionally, no payroll deductions are made from these checks other than required taxes and court orders.  These checks are usually ready by mid-June.  Please see the Payroll Reporting Salary Schedule in your handbook for those exact dates.

Certified personnel and all 12 month personnel automatically receive twelve (12) checks.  These checks are paid on the last working day of each month.  Please see the Payroll Reporting Salary Schedule in your handbook for the exact dates.
If you have any questions about your payroll deductions, call Sharon Lewis at 926-0065 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Sick, Personal and Annual Leave

Sick Leave

9 Month 9 1/2 Month 10 Month 12 Month
July None None None 4 Days
August None None 5 Days 1 Day
September 4 Days 4 Days 1 Day 1 Day
October 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day
November 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day
December 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day
January 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day
February 1 Day 1 Day None 1 Day
March None 1 Day None 1 Day
TOTAL 9 Days 10 Days 10 Days 12 Days

Twelve month employees can not use the days earned in a specified month until the 1st of the following month. (Example: 4 days in July can not be used until Aug. 1st.)

Personal Leave

All employees are given 6 days of personal leave on their first day back for the new school year. IF they have sick leave, they may use these days right away. IF they do not have sick leave, they will not be able to use them until they have earned sick leave. REMEMBER personal leave is 6 days of sick that may be used for personal reasons NOT 6 extra days.

Annual Leave

Twelve month employees are the only employees to earn annual leave. An employee who has completed less than 5 consecutive years with the school board earns one day per month (7.50 hrs/month for a total of 12 days per year). An employee who has completed 5 consecutive years or more with the school board earns 1 and ¼ days per month (9.38 hrs/month for a total of 15 days per year). An employee who has completed 10 consecutive years or more earns 1 and ½ days per month (11.25 hrs/month for a total of 18 days per year).

American Fidelity Assurance Information

For more information about American Fidelity benefits please click hereMore