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RMS 8th Grader Named National Academic Quiz Player of the Week


February 23, 2018


Riversprings Middle School 8th grader Samantha Piotrowski was named Player of the Week on February 3 by the National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) organization.


Samantha is a two-year veteran of NAQT competitions. As a 7th grader, she helped her NAQT team compete at nationals, and as an 8th grader has become a captain and scoring anchor for her RMS squad.


Says RMS academic coach and teacher Bill Taylor, “I appreciate her willingness to study and constantly work to sharpen and improve her game. Sammie's most impressive NAQT statistic is how efficient her game is, earning only 3 negs while answering 141 questions in competition.”


“Negs” are tossup questions that a team or player interrupts incorrectly before the questions are over.

NAQT Quiz Bowl is a competition in which teams go head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports, and more.

Competitive teams include every level from middle school, high school, community college and college.


Taylor has been coaching RMS academic teams such as those competing in Brain Bowl tournaments for 17 years, and RMS teacher Trey Thaxton has been co-coach for the last nine years. 


“An RMS team has competed in the NAQT league for the last eight years, and has qualified to compete in nationals four of those.  Each year only two or three middle school teams from each state qualify for nationals, so it’s pretty significant,” notes Taylor.

NAQT, LLC is a company founded in 1996 by former academic team players and coaches that provides tournament practice questions, rules, and guidance to all manner of Quiz Bowl tournaments.

Samantha plans to participate in May when the RMS team competes at the NAQT in Chicago.