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Crawfordville Elementary Literacy Club Wins State Competition

February 2, 2018


Crawfordville Elementary School’s Literacy Club, sponsored by CES Media Specialist Cindy Burse, earned First Place in the Elementary-level category of the Florida Department of Education’s Just Read Florida “Find Yourself in a Book” contest.


Burse and CES Literacy Club students were recognized at a ceremony held in Tallahassee on January 25, 2018. The award included a $1,000 check.


CES Literacy Club members are fifth graders Lana Hawkins, Ellen Hazen, Jaidyn Kenerson, Emma Larson, and Kelsey Sanders; fourth grader Olivia Ribakoff; and third grader Jonas Castineira.


This competition was open to all elementary, middle, and high schools in Florida.


The CES Literacy Club has been meeting after school to work on their project since the beginning of the school year. They wrote a children’s book called “The Bully Curse.”


The contest asked students to choose an already-published book and use the characters from that book to create a new story that teaches a lesson.


CES Literacy Club members chose “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” as their story base, then sent the three goats on a new adventure to Magic Valley. In the new story, after defeating the troll, the biggest billy goat becomes a bully and must learn a lesson from a small Siberian Husky puppy about how friendship is more important than power.


Just Read Florida, headed by Wakulla native and former Wakulla Middle School principal Rick Myhre, is a division of the Florida Department of Education which sponsors Literacy Week to promote reading and writing for students at all levels in Florida.


The CES Literacy Club plans to use their $1,000 prize to buy new electronic books for the CES media center to encourage all CES students to enjoy reading as much as they do.


A copy of the book “The Bully Curse” can be purchased by logging on to blurb.com and scrolling to “bookstore,” then “children’s books,” then searching “The Bully Curse”.


CES Principal Belinda McElroy says, “That the Literacy Club wants to use their earnings so that all Crawfordville students can benefit from the prize is truly in the spirit of teaching character as well as academics. Congratulations on all their hard work.”