69 ARRAN RD, CRAWFORDVILLE, FL 32327 - PHONE: 850-926-0065 - FAX: 850-926-0123

School Health Advisory Council/Wellness Committee

Please note: Committee Members with WCSB next to their names can be contacted at the District office at 850-926-0065

Below are the Committee Members' Names. Click for additional Contact Information for the committee members

  • Bryan Camp, Wellness Coach, Crawfordville
  • Sunny Chancy, Director of Instruction, WCSB
  • Tonya Hobby, Wakulla County Health Dept
  • Tanya English, Ex. Director of ESE/Student Services,WCSB
  • Karen Wells, Assoc Career Ctr Mgr, CareerSource
  • Jeffrey Lachapelle, Principal, COAST
  • Daniel Lilly, Wellness Coach Wakulla Institute
  • DeeAnn Peeples, Assistant Principal, WEC
  • Padraic Juarez, Adminsitrator, Wakulla County Health Dept.
  • Grace Keith, Health Educator, Wakulla County Health Dept.
  • Lori Lawhon, R.N., WHS
  • Michele Lawhon, Wellness Coach, Medart
  • Tammy Wade, Wellness Coach, Shadeville
  • Laura Morgan, LPN, Riversprings Middle
  • Lisa McCloudy, General Manager, Sodexo Food
  • Pam Pilkinton, Wakulla One Stop Center
  • Melissa Martin, Wellness Coach, Wakulla Middle
  • Desiree Gorman, Wakulla Ctr Mgr, TCC 
  • Samantha Kennedy, Wakulla County Extension Office
  • Charlean Lanier, NAMI
  • Hannah Strickland, Wellness Coach, WHS
  • Angela Walker, Human Resources, WCSB
  • Jessica Wells, Wellness Coach, Riversprings
  • Laura Wells, Wellness Coach, WEC
  • Jennifer Williams, Wellness Coach, Riversink