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Guidance Information

The guidance program in the Wakulla County schools is a comprehensive student development program and is based on the Florida School Counseling and Guidance Framework developed by the Department of Education. The mission of the program is to assist students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners. The program addresses the personal/social, educational, and career needs of all students as well as an awareness of the need for community involvement.

For additional guidance information, use the links or phone numbers below.


Crawfordville Elementary
Lindsay Sparkman (Dean of Student Services)

Medart Elementary
Jodi Martin (Dean of Student Services)
Shadeville Elementary
Linda Simurra (Guidance Counselor)

Riversink Elementary
Bonnie Salib (Guidance Counselor)

Riversprings Middle
Krista Sharin (Guidance Counselor)

Josh Sandgren (Dean of Instruction)

Wakulla Middle
Catherine Cutchens (Dean of Student Services)


Wakulla High
Sonia Clark-Rosier  (Dean of Student Services)
Sue Hutchins  (Dean of Student Services)
  Tim Wheeler  (Dean of Student Services)
  Amanda Camper (Dean of Student Services) 
               Michelle Peddie(Dean of Student Services)

 District Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Jana McCommon