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Professional Development Certification Renewal

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Sandgren, Coordinator of Instruction by phone at 850 926-0065, by fax 850-926-0123 or by email​

A professional teaching certificate is valid for five years.  A professional teaching certificate cannot be renewed until you are in the last year of your validity period. 

To renew your certificate you must contact the District Instructional Services Office and request a renewal form.  This form must be completed as directed and returned to this office.  If you are using college credit to renew you must also send an official transcript, which shows the classes taken during your validity period.  A transcript that has been opened is no longer official.

Upon receipt of the completed form, the staff development director will check your staff development folder for any banked or transferred points.  Then your ePDC (electronic Professional Development Connections) transcript and certificate pages will be reviewed.  Any points showing on your ePDC transcript page that are “Complete and Eligible for Inservice Credit” will be considered.  (The Feedback Survey MUST have been completed for points to be eligible.)  College transcript information will be checked as well.

If the total of the above shows sufficient inservice credits, the staff development director will process the renewal.  The district covers the cost of renewal for teachers who are currently employed by the Wakulla County School System if they renew within their validity period.

After the renewal is processed you will receive an email explaining the “next steps”.  Once you receive your new certificate, give a copy to your Administrator and forward a copy to the Human Resources Office.

For teachers renewing by June 30, 2016, please contact the Instructional Services Office at 850-926-0065 for an updated Certificate Renewal Form.

How Many Points Are Needed for Renewal?  This depends on the number of areas you have on your certificate. One hundred and twenty points (or six hours of applicable college credit) will renew up to two areas.  Additional areas require and additional sixty points each.  If you have multiple areas on your certificate, you may opt to renew part of them during one validity period and part during the next.  Any area that is not renewed during a ten-year period will be dropped from your certificate.

ESOL Points  Banked points for Reading, ESOL and ESE are visible on the transcript page of the ePDC.  These are used and/or updated only at the time of renewal.  If you presently have banked ESOL points, they may not be visible on your ePDC certificate page.  They are recorded in your staff development folder in the district office.  These points will be considered at the time of your renewal.  If you have questions about your ESOL credits, please use the link below to contact the Staff Development Office.

College Credit  You can renew your certificate using college credit.  A three-hour course is the equivalent of sixty inservice hours.  Therefore, you may renew up to two areas on your certificate with: Six hours of applicable college credit, three hours of applicable college credit plus 60 valid inservice points, OR 120 valid inservice credits.  In order to use college credit for renewal you must submit an official transcript showing the college course taken during your validity period, and the courses must be applicable for your area of certification.  Records regarding college credit are kept in your staff development file at the district office.  They are not and will not be visible on the ePDC.

Keeping Records Up to Date  Teachers can now update the address of Record on file with DOE certification through the certification website.  You can review your certification application status and current address by clicking on the online Application Status Lookup button from the Educator Certification home page at http://www.fldoe.org/edcert. Once there you can use/create a personalized, secure logon not only to review the status of your certificate application file, but also to use View Address to check and/or update your current address with DOE certification. This tool has been launched so that each certified educator or applicant for certification has the ability to maintain his or her current address with the Department of Education in compliance with Chapter 1012.561 F.S.

Teachers should also maintain current information in the ePDC by utilizing the “Update Personal Information” option on the transcript page.