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Steps for School Personnel in Reference to School/Department Records

1. Gather resources
  a. State Retention Schedules (GS1-SL & GS7)
Click on link to State Records / Archives Website Address for updates to schedules
2. Dispose of as much of your records as possible based on the Records Retention Schedule
  a. If you know or are notified of active or pending litigation or audits relating to your records, all disposal must be "stopped" until the litigation/audit is complete.
3. Complete the Records Disposition form and label correctly and completely. List records with a retention of "permanent" on a separate records disposition form.
  a. Click on link to Records Disposition form
  b. Click on link to label
  c. Click on link for examples of a Records Disposition form label for instructions on how to complete.
and the link for

Box up records. Box permanent records separately from records that can be destroyed. Use record storage boxes from Human Resources (no copy paper boxes). Tape the boxes shut for transport to the Records Storeroom at the District Office. Call HR before records are transported for storage. If you have a large amount of records for immediate disposal, call HR for arrangements to be made for the shredding of these records at your site. Remember disposition forms must be prepared prior to shredding.
- Don't overstuff the boxes

5. Any record (record copy and/or duplicate) that has a retention of "obsolete, superseded or administrative value is lost" (OSA) does not have to be documented on a records disposition request. This includes duplicate copies of purchase orders and leave records, etc. The disposal of any record that has a retention other than OSA, has to be documented.

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