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Student Records - ESE, Non-ESE, Inactive

Instructions For Preparing Student Files For Transfer To Another School Or Record Storage For Document Scanning

Prior to transferring student record folders, all folders should be reviewed and organized.Organize student files by separating Category A and B information with a salmon colored piece of paper labeled - Category "B".The order of items should be uniform and ALL STAPLES AND PAPERCLIPS must be removed.

Category A (Permanent) Information:
  • Access Card
  • Personal History - Keep Most Recent
  • Photo Card
  • End-Of-Year Grade Sheet
  • Attendance Summary
  • Withdrawal form
  • Red Folder (Court Orders)
  • Immunization Record
  • Birth Certificate
  • ESE Information as follows:
      Last IEP

Category B (Temporary - located in back of student folder) Information: may include but is not limited to the following: (Salmon colored paper separator)

  • Test Data From Each Grade Level
  • Good Cause/Retention Letter
  • Final Report Card From Each Grade Level
  • Reading Deficiency Letters (K-3)
  • Internet User Forms
  • Health/Restriction Form
  • Health information (not including immunization information)
  • Family background data (other than parents' names and addresses)
  • Educational and career plans
  • Honors and activities
  • Work experience reports
  • Teacher comments
  • Correspondence from community agencies or private professionals
  • Driver education certificates
  • ESE Information as follows: (Kept in separate folder)
      Reports of student services or exceptional student staffing committees, including all information required by Florida Statutes

All student files will be stored at graduate school site for five (5) years after graduation date then transferred to the District Office for document scanning.