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Wakulla County Schools Recognize Our High Performing Employees of the Year


Wakulla County School-Related Employee of the Year: Patricia Baker

Ms. Baker has been employed with the food service department in the District for 14 years. During that time she has participated in continuing education meal pattern implementation training and maintained certification with the Florida School Nutrition Association and the National School Nutrition Association. Gail Mathers notes, “Ms. Baker began her career with food service as a part time worker, however her knowledge and work ethic quickly moved her to a full time position. She is motivated, organized and dependable and assumed any role with an upbeat can-do positive approach.” Baker currently serves as the district Resource Manager and will represent Wakulla County School District in the annual State School Related Employee of the Year event. Superintendent Pearce shares, “Ms. Baker provided an energizing back-to-school speech at our luncheon last week, including a display of her musical talents on the keyboard. Her dedication, loyalty and commitment to the students and the school system make her an excellent choice for this prestigious award.”


Wakulla County District-Level Administrator of the Year: Beth O’Donnell

Ms. O’Donnell has retired her full-time position from the district, as of July 2014. She will continue to assist the district on a part-time basis as the instructional and curriculum departments transition and individuals assume new duties. Ms. O’Donnell has provided a long career of service to the students, faculty and staff of the Wakulla County School District and will be sorely missed. Superintendent Bobby Pearce, retired Superintendent David Miller and Chief Academic Officer Beth Mims all cited examples of O’Donnell’s exceptional service to the Wakulla County School District that brought tearful reminders to many.


Wakulla County School-Level Administrators of the Year: The Riversink Elementary School Team of Jackie High and Melinda Young

Upon receipt of the State Assessment Data, the administrative team of the school with the highest aggregated math and reading school VAM scores is recognized. Riversink improved 100 points as compared to SY 2012-13 with 627 total points. Wakulla Middle School was a close second with a total of 625 total points. Congratulations to the Riversink Team for an exceptional year.