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Wakulla Schools and Health Department Partner for Tobacco Free Schools

With a partnership between the Wakulla County School District and the Florida Department of Health of Wakulla County, Wakulla County school grounds are now tobacco free. 

Wakulla County School District was one of only five districts in Florida that did not have a comprehensive tobacco free policy until now.  During the June, 2014 School Board meeting, the School Board adopted a policy that makes all of its campuses tobacco free. Smoking or the use of any tobacco product will no longer be allowed on any Wakulla County school campus.

Smoking and the use of tobacco products in general, including e-cigarettes, will also be prohibited at all school-sponsored and school facility use events, including football games.    

Enforcement of the policy for adults includes providing information on cessation programs offered for free through the Wakulla County Health Department.  Nicotine patches and nicotine gum are acceptable for adults to use for their duration on school campuses.          


For students, this is nothing new, since the use of tobacco products on campus has always been prohibited.

 New “Welcome to Our Tobacco Free School” signs will soon be posted in many locations around the schools, serving as a reminder that tobacco in any form is no longer allowed in any area. “Wakulla County has joined a growing list of school districts in the state and across the nation who recognize the importance of a healthy environment for everyone,” says Tonya Hobby, Tobacco Prevention Specialist for the Florida Department of Health in Wakulla County. 

The policy in its entirety is available on the Wakulla County School District website under School Board Policies, Policy 2.90.  In part it states, “The Board is acutely aware of the serious health risks associated with the use of tobacco products both to users and non-users, and that most tobacco use begins before the age of eighteen. Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in Florida. The Board recognizes that District personnel and school visitors also serve as role models to students and, therefore, adopts this Tobacco Free School Policy to endorse a healthy lifestyle and prevent tobacco use.”