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New Educators at Boot Camp 2014

Boot Camp 2014, facilitated by Drill Sgt. Catherine Cutchen, consisted of a full day of mini-sessions led by high performing teachers and staff; Beth Brown, John Kane, Jan Pearce, Nick Weaver, Stan Ward, Josh Sandgren, Jeff VanSykle, Jodie Martin, Jessica Wells, and Diane Driggers. Topics covered included: Motivating students; an introduction to FEAPs, Open House, The First Week of School, Classroom Procedures & Effective Parent Communication and Conferencing Tips, Behavior Management, An Effective Teacher, Teaching Strategies and Technology and an introduction to Florida Standards. Special thanks to Brenda Clemons and Marilyn Pascarella for providing nutritious and delicious meals ready-to-eat.


Cutchen notes, “Our new teachers bring exciting energy and diversity to our schools. It is a blessing to be able to spend a day with them, exchanging ideas as we prepare for a successful school year. The teacher leaders who facilitated each mini-session are to be commended for their commitment to success for all students across the District. I’ve worked in other Districts, and none compare to Wakulla. We are top notch and strive to get better every year.”