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3M Engineer Does Experiments for Wakulla Middle School Students

March 1, 2019


Superintendent Bobby Pearce recently put Wakulla Middle School Science teacher Katrina Roddenberry in contact with Dave Roeker, a retired mechanical engineer from 3M.


Roeker was interested in presenting a science demonstration that he has been sharing with students for years in his hometown in Wisconsin as a part of his training with 3M, a world-wide company that finds scientific solutions in the areas of Health Care, Manufacturing, Automotive, Safety, and more.


Recently, Roeker shared his science demonstration with the 4-H club in Panacea and Superintendent Pearce asked Roddenberry if she was interested in seeing if it was something that would be beneficial to share in Wakulla schools.


“It was fantastic!” says Roddenberry, who teaches 8th grade Science and 8th grade Integrated Science 1 for high school credit. “So, I arranged for Mr. Roeker to visit all the 8th grade students at Wakulla Middle School. He presented his science demonstration to all 200 of our 8th grade students over a period of two days, February 12th and 14th.”


She adds, “His demonstration included liquid nitrogen and its effects on a variety of objects. Students learned about cryogenics, the carbon cycle, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, physical properties of matter, and specific heat.”


Says WMS Principal Tolar Griffin, “Mrs. Roddenberry has been a great advocate for science education, even working on a NASA project with her 8th graders last year who were chosen to present at the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas last spring.”


Superintendent Pearce explains his belief that “Our teachers constantly work on raising our students’ interest in and exposure to jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.  We have a wealth of people in Wakulla who can share real-life situations from their jobs, and it is interesting for our students to hear from them.”