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Wakulla High School Earns Silver Medal Status in National Rankings

July 31, 2017


Wakulla High School earned a Silver Medal rating in the 2017 rankings of all public high schools in 50 states, according to the U.S. News and World Report.


WHS ranked 2,505 out of 22,487 U.S. public high schools, placing it in the top 12 percent of public high schools in the country.  The only public high schools excluded were those with less than 15 students in their graduating class.


Criteria for the high school rankings include four areas: 

1.      Students must perform better than their state’s average on Reading and Math state tests.

2.      Minority and economically disadvantaged students must perform better than their state’s average for minority and economically disadvantaged students on Reading and Math state tests.

3.      The Graduation Rate must meet or exceed the national standard.

4.      Students have to show readiness for college coursework as assessed by the percent of students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses and the percent who pass the AP end of course tests to earn college credit. 


Gold Medal status is given to high schools that score in the top 1 to 500. Silver Medal status is given to the next 501 to 2,609 ranked schools.  Both Gold and Silver Medal rated schools must have at least a 20.91 score on college readiness.


Bronze Medal status is given to the next 3,432 schools that meet the first three criteria but do not have an Advanced Placement program or who have a college readiness score below 20.91.


In Florida, Wakulla High comes in at 172 out of 894 public high schools, ranking WHS in the top 19 percent of public high schools in the state. There are 13 Gold Medal and 72 Silver Medal designated public high schools in Florida according to the same U.S. News and World Report criteria.


The U.S. News and World Report publication has been ranking American public high schools since 2007. According to the editors, they believe that high schools are among America’s most important institutions. They state, “Education drives the country's future. Recognizing schools that are performing well and providing them as models to other schools will inspire educators and communities to do better.”


States Superintendent Bobby Pearce, “It’s verifying to have state and national statistical data that shows WHS is a high-performing school.  And we know that they don’t work in isolation. It’s the dedicated teachers and students Pre-k through Grade 12 that make this a systemically high-performing school district.”