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Wakulla High 2014 Grads Surpass State on College Placement Tests

Wakulla High School Class of 2014 graduates surpassed the state average in all categories tested on all assessments used for acceptance and course placement at Florida’s state universities and community colleges.


Score reports lag a year behind because students are counted who attend college for the academic year immediately following their graduation. Students who do not attend college or who attend private or out-of-state colleges are not included in these Florida Department of Education reports.


Test data is taken from the common college placement assessments of the national tests SAT-1 (Scholastic Assessment Test) and ACT (American College Test), plus state tests CPT (Florida College Placement Test) and PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test).


In Math, WHS 2014 graduates who attended college scored at 74.2% college ready, with the state average at 72.1%. Percentages indicate students who tested into college classes without needing to take remedial courses or get remedial help.


In Reading, WHS 2014 graduates who attended college scored 83.3% college ready compared to the state average of 83%.


In Writing, WHS 2014 graduates scored 87.1% college ready with the state average at 81.9%


In all three areas of Math, Reading, and Writing, WHS 2014 graduates tested 69.9% college ready, surpassing the state average of 66.2%.


“Our students continue to outperform their counterparts across the state. The whole school system from pre-kindergarten through high school, plus our very supportive parents and community, help prepare Wakulla’s students to compete with any student from anywhere for college entry,” notes Superintendent Bobby Pearce. “More importantly, we strive to prepare our students to be successful once they get into college. That’s the real measure.”