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Wakulla County School District Promotes Wellness

The Wakulla County School District seeks to establish a workplace and school setting that encourages and supports healthy lifestyle choices through awareness and events that focus on healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life.

Superintendent Pearce said, Student success depends on a blend of academic skills, good health, and physical and mental fitness. Taking care of our human resources and our kids is important. I appreciate the focus and efforts of the District Wellness Coaches.”

Chief Human Capital Officer Karen J. Wells notes, “Our goal is to keep people healthy. To that end, we give employees easy access to the resources needed to make well-informed decisions about their health via designated school Wellness Coaches and our Employee Assistance Program. Our School Wellness Coaches work collaboratively with the HR, Food Services and Student Services Departments as well as the Wakulla County Health Department.”

Some of the activities implemented at various school sites this school year include: What’s for Dinner Wednesday?, Monthly newsletters spotlighting “awareness” months including Breast Cancer and Diabetes Awareness, Go-Noodle.com – gets the students up and moving on rainy days when the playground is just too wet.

Pre-K Speech Language Pathologist Laura Wells adds, “It is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle that includes positive thoughts, nutritional meals and exercise.  The constructive ripple effect inevitably impacts the classrooms.”

Kathy Galloway, District Facilities and Maintenance Secretary, organized a health screening for all district staff this month to include blood pressure and body mass index.

The Riversprings Middle School athletic director coordinated a Color Run for the student body. “Physical well-being through an active life style and sincerely finding joy and a sense of accomplishment through events, steers us to make healthy choices,” shares Jessica Wells, “it was a thrill to watch students who don’t usually participate in athletic events, get excited about the Color Run.”