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Teachers Learn Engaging Pedagogy



As the result of receiving a FDOE Leadership and Faculty Development Grant, Wakulla and Jefferson County teamed up with Kagan Cooperative Learning and spent two days this week engaged in effective pedagogy at the Wakulla Education Center.

Sixty Pre-K through 12th grade educators focused on academic and interpersonal functions and cooperative learning structures. Vern Minor, Kagan Educational Leadership Director, presented pragmatic exciting strategies throughout the training. Minor, a veteran educator, originally from Kansas, taught school, was an elementary and secondary principal and served as a school superintendent. Karen Wells, Chief Human Capital Officer noted, "Minor is truly an instructional leader and clearly demonstrates someone who "walks the talk." Minor enthusiastically shared, "School should be fun and exciting for all kids, at every level. Implementing Cooperative Learning will decrease the learning gaps and create a safe place for learning."

School administrators and teachers worked together at the end of the training to develop Action Plans to integrate effective cooperative learning at their sites. Superintendent Bobby Pearce noted, "Investing time and training focused on curriculum and developing pedagogy continues to strengthen solid education in our schools. I continue to be inspired by the dedication of our teachers and administrators."