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Wakulla High School 2015 Graduates Exceed State Scores on ACT

Wakulla High School 2015 Graduates Exceed State Scores on ACT

August 26, 2015



Wakulla High School’s Senior Class of 2015 outscored their counterparts in Florida on the American College Test (ACT) in mathematics, reading, science, and on the composite score. 


The ACT is one of the common tests looked at for college entrance qualifications, including meeting requirements to take dual enrollment college courses while still in high school.  It is also one of the tests used for determining eligibility for Florida Bright Futures scholarships.


On the ACT, WHS students averaged 19.8 in mathematics (state 19.6).  WHS reading scores averaged 21.5 (state 21.0). WHS science scores came in at 20 (state 19.5).  The overall average composite score for WHS graduates was 20.1 (state 19.9). WHS students tied the English state average at 18.9.


“The trend for our students to exceed the state average in so many areas of a nationally standardized college entrance exam is a tribute to the hard work being done to graduate every student college and career ready,” states Superintendent Bobby Pearce.  “We continue to try to keep students engaged by offering more Career and Technical (Vocational) programs, more dual enrollment college courses on the WHS campus, and paying more attention to each student’s unique needs.”


WHS offers the ACT on the WHS campus twice a year instead of students having to drive to Tallahassee to take it in an unfamiliar setting.  Students are encouraged to take the ACT and/or the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) in order to broaden their options for after high school. 


They can prepare for doing well on the ACT and on other college entrance exams by taking advantage of the rigorous curricula offered at Wakulla High School such as Advanced Placement courses and college dual enrollment courses from Tallahassee Community College, Florida State University, and Florida A & M University at no cost to parents.


Students will be better prepared to score higher on the ACT and on the SAT, plus succeed in their college classes, if they choose a challenging course of studies.  They are encouraged to take the tests several times to improve their scores, starting in the fall of their junior year at the latest.


WHS is also piloting a computer-based ACT test prep curriculum for students in the areas of reading, English, mathematics, and science through a new virtual program called Edgenuity.  Furthermore, WHS Principal Mike Barwick is working with Associate Dean of Instructional Services Sherry Lohmeyer on implementing an in-depth, aligned writing plan spanning grades 9 through 12.


Wakulla High School continues to increase college and career information dissemination efforts, including hosting Parent Nights several times a year.  For more information on taking the ACT or the SAT, contact the Wakulla High School Student Services Department or Associate Dean of Student Services Priscilla Tucker at 926-2221.