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Wakulla Students Top Eight in State on Required Graduation Tests

Wakulla Students Top Eight in State on Required Graduation Tests
July 7, 2015
In the third round of state released test scores, Wakulla County public school students far exceeded the state average on the two tests required for graduation in Florida.
First, Florida students must pass the Algebra 1 state End of Course (EOC) test. The state average is 67 percent showing proficiency, or on grade level.  Wakulla students scored at 78 percent proficient, putting them in the top eight scores of 71 Florida public school districts.
Second, Florida students must pass the Grade 10 English Language Arts Florida Standards Assessment (FSA). The state average is 54 percent showing proficiency.  Wakulla students scored at 65 percent proficient, placing them alone with the fifth highest scores of 71 Florida public school districts.
“Scoring in the top eight and top five on these tests deemed the defining measurements of math and English skills shows that Wakulla teachers are giving our students what they need to be successful in their chosen careers,” notes Superintendent Robert Pearce.  “This is only one measurement of how well the Wakulla public school system prepares our children, but it speaks to our adaptability at preparing our children to meet whatever standards are set.”
This is the only other state test information that will be released at this time. A notice will be sent to those students who meet their Florida high school graduation requirements of passing the Algebra 1 and the Grade 10 English Language Arts FSA.  Specific scores will not be available, only notice of passing. 
Students who have not met these test requirements will be given additional chances to take the Algebra 1 and Grade 10 English Language Arts FSA throughout their high school career and afterwards to earn a standard high school diploma.
Due to the 2014-2015 school year’s new Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) that replaced the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT), this is an unusual year for scores. 
The validation study of the FSA ordered by Florida’s legislature is underway and is scheduled to be completed by September 1.  Florida Department of Education will then work with committees to review the data and set cut scores. 
The proposed cut scores then will go to a Reactor Panel, which will be made up of people from all stakeholder groups.  The Reactor Panel may adjust what is recommended from the committee meetings. 
After this, FDOE will have to take the information to the State Board of Education for approval.  Therefore, this is a lengthy process and score reporting will not be available as in past years.  It may be well into second semester before the cut scores are agreed upon and it is unknown at this time how those scores will be reported.