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Compliance with Class Size Amendment Leads to School Out of Zone Changes for 2015-2016

Compliance with Class Size Amendment Leads to School Out of Zone Changes for 2015-2016

Date: February 4, 2015



Due to the district’s need to comply with the state’s Class Size Amendment, a limited number of out-of-zone seats will be reserved at each grade level for each school.  Applications for School Out-of-Zone requests for the 2015-2016 school year are being accepted at the Wakulla County School District Office. 


Schools must serve the students who live in their school zones first before they can take students from other schools within the Wakulla School District. These in-district Student Reassignment Applications are for students living in Wakulla who apply to attend another elementary or middle school in Wakulla.


The deadline to turn in a Student Reassignment Application is Tuesday, March 31 at 4:00 p.m., even if  the student was granted an out of zone placement the previous year. The application is annual.


Students who were granted an out of zone request for this current school year must apply for 2015-2016 and will be grandfathered in for that same school only.  If an application is submitted by the deadline each year, these students will be grandfathered in until they no longer attend that school.


Siblings of students who are grandfathered in will also need to have an application submitted by the deadline.  Siblings will be allowed to attend an out of zone school if the grandfathered sibling is still attending that school in 2014-2015. 


All other students whose applications were turned in on time will be placed in a lottery for the limited number of out of zone seats reserved.  This lottery will be open to the public and take place in late April after the School Reassignment (out of zone) Applications have been processed.


Check to see what middle school your child is zoned for by your address.  If you are unsure, contact the Transportation Department at 926-7550. 


The School Reassignment (out of zone) Application has been revised, so please do not use old copies.


To access the School Reassignment (out of zone) Application online:  Go to the Wakulla County School District website at www.wakullaschooldistrict.org.  Click under the Resource Heading; Forms and Handbooks Heading; Miscellaneous Forms: School Reassignment Application (2 pages).



If you do not have access to a computer, the Wakulla County School Board has computers available at the district office in the kiosk area of the Finance and Personnel Building.    You may also pick up a form in the Instructional Services office at the Wakulla County District Office at 69 Arran Road.  


Please note there may be many requests and March 31, 2015 by 4:00 p.m. is the absolute deadline to return your School Reassignment Application request to the District Office.  Do not turn them into individual schools.


Parents or guardians may submit applications in person, by mail (Post Office Box 100, Crawfordville, Florida 32326), fax (850-926-0123), or email (mary.mims@wcsb.us) to Beth Mims, Chief Academic Officer.   Call 850-926-0065 or email if there are any questions.